Successful Interview Testimonials

Senior Level Interviews

Succeeding at a job interview

He got the job!

Lili is a professional who approaches her role as an interview coach with one goal in mind — she wants her client(s) to be the best prepared candidate for the job interview. Her tactics, strategies, exercises and mock interviews are all designed to help YOU (the client) put your BEST foot forward in the job interview. I have no doubt her insights and coaching directly resulted in my getting the job I did. I would not hesitate to recommend her as an excellent coach for those who need to get that extra effort to nail the job interview and get that job offer.
Mark K

Oregon, Finance Director

Lili, having interviewed for more than 20 jobs in my career, I thought I knew exactly how to convey my skills and experience relative to the position in which I was interviewing. After spending 10mins with you, I knew I did not know anything. Your coaching was exactly what I needed to humble myself as well as to develop the skills needed to show-up as the powerful women leader I am in an interview. I can’t thank you enough!

Norma M

Maryland, VP Operations Management

He got the job!  Thank you Lili for helping me prepare for my big interview. I felt more confident and prepared for the behavioral interview. After working with you I felt ready for anything that was asked during my interview. It was nice having an idea of what to expect after not being on an interview for nearly 20 years. I will forever be grateful for the time you took with me and the personalized attention. Thank you so much for a great training experience.
Shannon C

Florida, Systems Engineer

He got the job!  WE DID IT!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! I cannot thank you enough for all of your help! I really credit you with thoroughly preparing me for my interview and making me more clear and confident in the Board Room. THANK YOU so much!! It’s obviously important to prepare for an interview, but you had me prepare correctly and efficiently with your detailed process. After each session, I had valuable constructive feedback that allowed to remain confident and knowledgeable for my interview.
Andrew H

Rhode Island, Golf Course Superintendent


He got the job!  Lili, I loved working with you and felt that our sessions were of great value. Thank you so much for your help. I think that developing the I-statements and the CAR scenarios were the most valuable components.  Having good weakness answers was great….the extensive preparation made a huge difference.  Thanks again. 
Paul H

Washington, Parks, Recreation and Community Services Director

He got the job!  Everything went as planned and I was ready for every question they had. Overall it was a huge success. I can’t wait to hear back from them. They had some follow up items that they wanted clarification on and I was able to answer those questions. Thanks for the great preparation.
Aaron K

New Mexico, Engineering and Project Management

Lili, you were excellent, reliable, flexible, responsive and always on-time. It was a challenge to grasp everything I needed to in the amount of time I had before my interview (my problem and situation, not your fault). I was very appreciative that you were willing to go overtime to cover the necessary material. This will be beneficial as I prepare for future interviews and have had time to digest the material and practice. Thank you for your help.
Jim C

Rhode Island, MD, MBA

He got the job!  I had a solid resume but – not having interviewed for a new job in about eight years – felt very unsure about how to speak concisely and effectively about myself and my qualifications. After a brief online search for interview coaches, I found and emailed Lili at Impressive Interviewing and got a call-back straight away. She agreed to work with me on short notice and found time to fit in three highly productive and useful sessions within a week. I was very satisfied with the quality of coaching I received and the enthusiasm with which it was delivered. Lili’s was insightful, challenging and personable in her approach. By the end of the three sessions, I felt much more confident in my ability to talk about myself and my work in a structured and strategic way. I would highly recommend Lili and Impressive Interviewing for anyone looking to put their best foot forward and gain a competitive edge in an upcoming job interview.
Andrew M.
Connecticut, Public Health Survey Manager

Employment Interviews

She got the job!

Lili’s service is one of a kind and tremendously valuable. After an emergency session with Lili, I was able to ace the interview for my dream job confidently. I was pushed to the final round of interviews when COVID-19 hit and the company ended up having a hiring freeze. However, I was able to apply what Lili taught me in her emergency course to another company I interviewed with. After four rounds of interviews, I was offered the jobLili’s service goes beyond just landing your dream job. She teaches you techniques that will carry throughout your professional career even beyond the interview phase. I cannot recommend Impressive Interviewing enough!
Miranda C
Maryland, Team Lead

I GOT THE JOB! I didn’t know how much I needed this coaching until I sat down for my first session. Lili is very good at zeroing in on what is important. I have a tendency to drift (to put it mildly) when it comes to answering questions about myself. Lili provided me with a formula for keeping me on point while aligning my qualities with the needs of the job. Brilliant, easy and effective. When she role-played me, she made me sound so good that I thought, ‘I would definitely hire me!’ This preparation was key in giving me the confidence to slay it in my very next job interview. You have nothing to lose but the job. Yikes. Call Lili before her amazing secret gets out and your dream job gets filled by someone else.
Stephanie B

Connecticut, Special Education

I got the job! Thanks again for your services. I believe the coaching sessions were a great value. You helped me to see my weaknesses while highlighting my strengths and showcasing my knowledge, experience, and leadership. I was not able to do that and I thank you for showing me how.
Julie C

California, Food Services Management


She got the job! I would highly recommend Impressive Interviewing! The knowledge and skills I gained from the coaching helped build my interview confidence immensely, and helped me to realize what I had to offer as an employee! I am able to utilize the knowledge and skills I learned in all aspects of interviews and job applications, as well as an improved sense of self when talking about my experiences and qualities.
Megan M

New Jersey, Art Teacher

First and foremost, I want to thank you Lili for all of your help. This was a wonderful experience and I learned a great deal of myself in terms of my value and how to be more confidant when interviewing. I have shared with my family and colleagues how invaluable this experience was and would recommend it to everyone. I feel you went the extra mile to support me through this process.
Janet B

Connecticut, Educator

I enjoyed working with the coach, she provided alot of information and knowledge that I didn’t know before. She helped me to discover myself more, taught me how to market my skills. This was one of my biggest weaknesses. Gave me memorable and workable interview tips. Am glad I made the right decision to hire her. My chances of landing my dream job were tripled. Am to recommend friends for the service.
Susan B

Uganda, Information Management and EHS Compliance

Impressive Interviewing is an excellent investment in yourself! Working with an experienced coach has really helped me to identify my interviewing strengths and weaknesses. The scheduled mock interviews have allowed me to build my confidence and personal marketing brand. Since working with Impressive Interviewing, I’ve improved my interviewing style and technique. This was my first time using a service like this so naturally I was a little hesitant. But the more I worked with the coach, I begin to see the value. I can tell you without a doubt this was money well spent!
Tungela B

Tennessee, Executive Assistant

Not sure if I dropped a note earlier, I got the job and started on the project 2 weeks back. My deepest gratitude in helping me sort out my interviewing issues. I must add that this was my last chance. I hope to remain in touch with you as I prepare for my next journey in my career!
Abde R

New Hampshire, Business Analyst

Have you ever felt like – why am I not getting calls back from employers? For years I could never pin point what the problem was until I decided to invested in improving my job search skills – that’s when I discovered Impressive Interviewing. Lili was so easy to work with, so professional, knowledgeable and passionate about helping me meet my career goals. Her techniques were just what I needed to take that giant step forward. Now, I am more confident and relaxed than ever. Since I’ve been working with Lili I have had 3 interviews for my “dream job” and I am waiting on the final outcome. I am very optimistic that the best is yet to come. Thank you Impressive Interviewing for all your help! I will be referring my friends and family to you!
Chas S

Texas, Event Coordinator

I took the Emergency Session with Lili and received a wealth of information in that 90 minute session. Her training taught me interview tips and tricks that I was unaware of and I’ve been in the same industry for several years. I believe the skills that she taught me will help me land the job that I am seeking.
Larry S

Texas, Corporate Training

Lili, you were a pleasure to work with. Thank you for providing me the confidence I needed to feel successful as I use the things we discussed to prepare me for my upcoming interview. My interview will be on Wednesday, crossing our fingers I get the job!!! I will keep you posted. Thanks again for taking the time to meet with me.
Shelley B
Texas, Recruitment and Sales
Thank you, Lili! The coaching you provided helped me to strengthen my interview skills and helped me to feel more confident during my interviews. I would definitely recommend your services for anyone looking to take their interview skills to the next level.
Lisa B

Washington DC, Biotech Industry

Entry Level Job Interviews 

He got the job!

Before I began working with Lili, I had always assumed my interviewing skills were solid; today, after three ‘Impressive Interviewing’ sessions, I realize I was seriously mistaken! Though I had not conspicuously flubbed past interviews, I was consistently missing opportunities to demonstrate exactly why I was the right candidate for the job – and making errors that, cumulatively, were sure to raise doubts in any interviewer’s mind. As Lili and I practiced, she quickly identified areas that needed work and her honest, thoughtful teaching method led to improvements that were easily applied in the real world. For example, Lili’s format for responding to situational questions (i.e. “tell me about a time you ___”) was simple, repeatable, and incredibly powerful, and after practicing it with her, I could hardly wait for a chance to show off how strong of an answer I had learned to give. No matter how polished you believe your interviewing skills to be, if you want to establish yourself as a candidate who stands out as articulate and engaged, and who a hiring manager simply cannot pass up, take the time to work with Lili. She is a bonafide expert in the art of interviewing, and her uncanny ability to break the process down into digestible parts gave me confidence and skills that were directly responsible for the competitive job offer I received within weeks of my last ‘Impressive Interviewing’ session.
Jared P.

Washington DC, Analyst

Good news! I got the job, two actually. I am doing a 1099 contract with SD modeling for now and am going to be working full time with Virginia Tech Advance Research Corporation starting January 4th. I just wanted to take the time to let you know and thank you for all your help. Your seriously did a ton for me… Your coaching helped me to polish my ability to connect with interviewers, and by extension new office mates. I felt fairly confident in my answer’s ability to answer questions in the past, but your help gave me the tools I needed to actually form my answers in a manner which would leave a lasting and personal connection.
Matthew B
Washington DC, System Dynamics
Working with Lili truly changed the way I go about preparing for interviews. She gives practical and insightful feedback during the sessions. The formats she provides for answering questions are a lifesaver if you ever find yourself rambling in interviews as I did. I highly recommend working with Lili if you want to gain an edge on your competition or if you simply want to feel more confident in your interviewing skills.
Amy H

Tennessee,  Student Affairs

Without a shadow of doubt, this has been the most productive interviewing sessions that I have ever had. I genuinely do not know how the coaching could be improved because it is the only coaching of its kind to teach a METHOD ON HOW TO ANSWER QUESTIONS, which separates it from any of the other coaching sessions and really shows how much better it is than the competition.
Andrew L

Connecticut, Financial Planning and Analysis

Hello Lili! Thank you so much! I got the job offer and will be starting on the 30th!
Nicole D

Illinois, Industrial Engineer

I want to thank you so much for helping me. I am happy to say I got the job! I am starting on the 24th! I am beyond excited and couldn’t have done so well without you! Impressive Interviewing helped me become the best interviewer I could be! I learned not only how to excel in my specific interview that month but also how to take these skills and apply it to any future interview. I acquired knowledge and skills abut interviewing that I will use for the rest of my career! Impressive Interviewing is the reason that I landed my job and will be the reason that I land future positions as well. Fantastic investment!
Samantha L
New York City, Fashion Industry

I definitely learned the necessary steps on how to properly prepare for an interview, and feel more confident going into my next one. Beforehand, I kind of felt lost as I went into these much more blindly, whereas now I understand the structure behind conducting a good interview and how to present my strengths and attributes in a clear and concise way without rambling on like I used to. Thank you Lili!!
William T

Pennsylvania, Information Science and Technology

The interview prep I received left me completely confident for any upcoming interviews. Lili was very helpful throughout the sessions and gave me great insight into interviews. 
Noah H

Connecticut, Investment Banking Analyst

This is a tremendous service. Lili is an incredible listener, and has an uncanny ability to help her clients work through their answers. I especially appreciated the moments when she demonstrated how to formulate more effective responses. The sessions were extremely well-planned and flowed nicely between topics. The formula Lili provides is applicable for many different types of interviews. I would highly recommend this service to anyone looking to reimagine their approach to interviewing.
Ethan P

Massachusetts, Political Communications

Graduate School and Residency Interviews 

interview with drShe matched!

As a foreign doctor, I wasn’t aware of the many nuances involved whilst interviewing for a residency in the US. Lili taught me to speak confidently, articulately and focus on my strength during an interview. In the first few meetings, she tried to learn as much as possible about me and slowly tailored her training to suit my special needs and personality. Finally, I got the job that I have always wanted because Lili taught me how to prepare and present myself in an interview. I feel I learned vital life skills from her, which I will certainly apply whilst engaging with my patients as well during all other professional interactions in the future. Lili ‘s way of teaching is gentle yet firm and totally tailored to the job you are applying for. She does her research thoroughly and really helps you evolve professionally. I highly recommend her courses for everyone wishing to polish their people skills or preparing for their dream jobs.

Rashmi S

Nepal, Medical Resident

She matched!  Preparing for my interview with Lili was an amazing experience. She’s very professional and I believe I did way better on my interview because of her than I would’ve done otherwise. Thank you for all your help, Lili.

Alina H

Illinois, Medical Resident

Thank you so much, Lili! We did it…I matched! I will recommend you to all my friends.
Insia R

Illinois, Medical Resident

I am happy to report that it went very well. I interviewed on a Monday and received an acceptance letter on Wednesday of that week. I was told that this turnaround was unusually fast because I was among a small group of applicants that the Admissions Committee voted to admit immediately. I wanted to thank you for your assistance. I felt your preparation session gave me an excellent framework for planning and using my practice time efficiently, and I went into the interview feeling well-prepared. I practiced the techniques we discussed many times prior to the interview. I felt that this practice was crucial and would urge future clients to devote time to practicing the techniques taught in this session.
Michael L.
Connecticut, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine program

College, Service Academy and Prep School Interviews

2018 STAR Student
Daley D., Kansas
Recipient of $180,000
NROTC Marine Scholarship

He got a full NROTC scholarship to his first-choice school!

I cannot begin to extend my gratitude to Lili for all of her expertise in preparing my son for his ROTC interview!! Her knowledge and professionalism are priceless!! While she demands full participation and cooperation; she is patient, kind and extremely accommodating. My 18 year old son is now ready to face the world, feels incredibly confident and is years ahead of his peers in knowledge on what it takes to excel in an interview….. Thank you Impressive Interviewing!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

Jana D
Kansas, Parent

Hi Lili, I just wanted to let you know that Corbyn received his congressional nomination letter from Senator Martin Heinrich today for West Point. We are so proud of him! Corbyn said he was interviewed by an intimidating panel of West Point grads, veterans, and congressional staff but he felt so confident with everything he learned in his interview prep sessions with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!

Michelle F
New Mexico, Parent



Lili… I have great news to tell you. Our son has been admitted to Hotchkiss!! We are all very happy… Thank you a thousand times. He would not have done this well if it was not because of you. With your guidance and training, he was well prepared. In my opinion, you played a major role in improving our son’s skills for the interview. He was more focused and confident after your training. We couldn’t have come this far if it wasn’t for you. Thank you very very much. We can’t thank you enough.

Pasri A

Bangkok, Thailand, Parent


When I received my acceptance letter from the school I attend now, a handwritten note was on the bottom of the letter emphasizing how much the alumni enjoyed interviewing with me. Mrs. Foggle helps students explore and articulate what identifies them beyond the academic setting, and she gives them the confidence to walk into that interview feeling prepared and invincible. Mrs. Foggle’s interview coaching really is the difference between being a good interviewer and a GREAT interviewer.

Alex M

Massachusetts, College Admissions Interview


Thank you again! I honestly feel so much more prepared now. The coaching techniques are phenomenal and are versatile enough to help prepare for any type of interview whether it be for college or a job. Feeling prepared to answer any question, I felt more relaxed during interviews which allowed me to better differentiate myself and go in with a more confident attitude. Being able to successfully handle an interview is a valuable life skill and I am extremely grateful to have received this coaching. (Update: She was admitted to her first-choice school!)

Molly C

Connecticut, College Admissions Interview


I went to Impressive Interviewing fall of my senior year, prior to 4 major college interviews. It was such a huge help for me. In addition to preparing for what I was going to be asked, it also took away from some of my nerves that I had before going into the interview. Not to mention the interview prep was very personalized, which was a huge help. (Update: She was admitted to her first-choice school!)

Emma R

Washington DC, College Admissions Interview


I never thought interviews would be difficult. I imagined myself speaking easily about myself…. I was wrong. After my training with Lili, my perspective on interviews completely changed. Within a few days of training, I was able to change how I talk in an interview completely. Thanks to her training, I became more focused and gained confidence. It turned out that my interview was one of the big factors that impressed them. (Update: He was admitted to his first-choice school!)

Pete A

Connecticut, Preparatory School