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Learn how to approach ANY INTERVIEW with confidence, beat the competition and get the job!

"I want to thank you so much for helping me. I am happy to say I got the job! I am starting on the 24th! I am beyond excited and couldn't have done so well without you! Impressive Interviewing helped me become the best interviewer I could be! I learned not only how to excel in my specific interview that month but also how to take these skills and apply it to any future interview. I acquired knowledge and skills about interviewing that I will use for the rest of my career. Impressive Interviewing is the reason that I landed my job and will be the reason that I land future positions as well. Fantastic investment!
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Samantha L
New York City, Fashion Industry
"I GOT THE JOB! I didn't know how much I needed this coaching until I sat down for my first session. Lili is very good at zeroing in on what is important. I have a tendency to drift (to put it mildly) when it comes to answering questions about myself. Lili provided me with a formula for keeping me on point while aligning my qualities with the needs of the job. Brilliant, easy and effective. This preparation was key in giving me the confidence to slay it in my very next job interview. You have nothing to lose but the job. Yikes. Call Lili before her amazing secret gets out and your dream job gets filled by someone else."
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Stephanie B
Connecticut, Special Education Teacher

A good resume may get you an interview. But only a great interview can get you the job.

Have you done everything you can to set yourself apart from equally qualified applicants?

“Tell me about yourself”  If your answer to this question is a verbal walk through your resume, you’ve missed your best opportunity to really wow them.

Memorizing your interview answers? What will you do if you get an unexpected or difficult question? You need to be ready for ANYTHING. Learn how to prepare effectively to formulate your best answer to ANY question.

Not getting past the first interview?  Convince them that you are a perfect fit and get that second interview, every time. Let me show you how.

Are you almost getting the job – but not getting an offer? l have the expertise to assess why you are not sealing the deal. I’ll give you clear feedback and the tools to fix the problem.

Invest in yourself and up your “interview game”. Whether you are naturally charming or socially awkward, I will develop an individualized plan just for you to take your interview from *good* to *truly impressive*.

Don’t waste your shot at success. Get personalized expert assessment, feedback and coaching. Stand out from an accomplished crowd of applicants with an interview that will leave your interviewer truly impressed. Beat the competition and GET THE JOB YOU DESERVE!

Lili Foggle Impressive Interviewing

As a Certified Interview Coach, I teach my clients the very latest data-driven and proven techniques for interview success. Unlike other career coaches who focus on resume building and other skills, interview preparation is ALL that I do. I will teach you how to powerfully deliver your unique messages of value and fit during a job interview – and give authentic and effective responses to any interview question.

With just 3 sessions of Impressive Interviewing coaching, learn to give the confident and authentic interview answers that get the job offer.


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