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My clients get the job, time and time again, because after working with me they know exactly what they need to communicate during their interview. Residency clients have matched at their first choice program. Student clients secured spots at highly competitive prep schools, elite colleges and Ivy League graduate programs. I'm proud to have a successful track record of helping all of my clients achieve their career goals. - Lili Foggle
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Lili Foggle – Certified Interview Coach

Most studies indicate that less than 2 percent of all job seekers properly prepare for their interviews. They spend far more time editing their resume than they do preparing to interview.  And the reason? Most job seekers don’t understand how to prepare for an interview. Online resources offer one-size-fits-all generic advice and stock interview answers – exactly the opposite of what you need to stand out from a crowd of qualified applicants. “Interview Coaching” at most colleges and universities cover just basic, common sense stuff – what to wear, firm handshake, eye contact, how to follow-up. My clients walk into their interview with one giant advantage – they know how to market themselves for that specific opportunity. They know what the interviewer wants, what they offer as a candidate, and how to communicate all that they offer in the most effective way possible.

I’m a specialist. As a Certified Employment Interview Professional, I teach the very latest data-driven and proven techniques for interview success. Unlike other career coaches who focus on resume building and other skills, interview preparation is ALL that I do. I will teach you how to answer any question, and how to respond effectively to current trends in interviewing. 

I work with you one-on-one. Other Interview Coaches will sell you their “program” in a book, or on a CD or give you access to video “webinars”. I work with you live, in real-time, online. I give you personalized feedback and coaching, tailored to your specific interview needs.  I will assess your interview strengths and weaknesses, and develop an interview strategy for you that is as unique as you are.

I‘m passionate about your success.  My business is built on helping my clients get to the next level in their career.  Satisfied past clients have landed jobs in a wide variety of fields including technology, law, health care, education, finance, management, consulting and non-profit. My residency clients have matched at their first choice program.  My student clients have secured spots at highly competitive prep schools, elite colleges and Ivy League graduate programs.  I’m proud to have a successful track record of helping my clients achieve their career goals. When you’ve got one shot at a big opportunity, let me show you how to beat your competition and make a truly impressive interview impression


Using a combination of marketing strategies, narrative building, and performance feedback, I will develop a personalized plan for your next big interview.